Vital Beautie Body Fat Control 420mgx15tablets (5days)



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Vital Beautie Body Fat Control 420mgx15tablets

Good for health and for beauty

Slimming Green tea tablet helps losing body fat from High-Calorie and High-Fat Diet.

A smart SOS Type Slimming Tablet contains Green Tea's catechin

element, which helps

losing body fat from high-Calorie diet intake, and its banaba leaf extract helps increasing

blood sugar after meal

  • Green tea Extract, Vitamin C , Banaba Leaf Extract, Vitamin B
  • Body Fat losing Product that contains catechin element of green tea, which lightens body.
  • Slim Cut upgraded by containing Banaba Leaf Extract
  • Contains nutrients for active energy metabolism


How to take

Take 3  tablets once a day with water.

You may freely take before or after meal.

Diet management and working out together would be helpful for better effect.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, kepp in a cool ,dry place.

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