Innisfree Veggie Water Toning Mist 120ml



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Brand : Innisfree


Innisfree Veggie Water Toning Mist 120ml

15,000 won

● Product description

Major ingredients

Carrots, wheat sprout, cabbage, kohlrabi, chicory, chrysanthemum extract, salvia oil, citric acid, cacao extract, betaine, propanediol,

Jeju carrot, wheat sprout, cabbage, kohlrabi, asparagus 5 kinds of nutrition ingredient delivery onto skin.
Skin cooling effect hydro balancing system, moisture essential ingredient gives emergency moisture!
Super food veggie water line 0% animal ingredient, France ‘EVE VEGAN’ vegan certified product.
Toner, essence, mist at once! Improve skin tone with cleanse mist for vitality and glow.
Spray gives mist light and soft particles even application with hydration, 
 on top of makeup gives clean moisture supply.
More than 30% plant derived ingredients, compared to conventional PET, it has reduced CO2 emissions, completed skin irritation tests

● How to use

Spray onto face gently. For additional glow areas, spray intensively for ideal result.
*TIP - We recommend [skip-care] routine that completes skin care simply but with mist and ample. 
         In normal times, care should be taken with daily mast-ampule layering and repeated layering three times on special days. 



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